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Are you ready for a challenge? Interested in competing against fellow ACCESS members during the City Nature Challenge? If yes, we have an opportunity for you!

As part of the ACCESS 2021 conference, we are encouraging everyone to get outdoors, explore, observe not just your favourite species but all nature, and to share observations using iNaturalist. You can use the free app or you can upload your photos directly online at iNaturalist.ca. If you need help getting set up please contact us at cnc2019hrm@gmail.com.

Seven areas in the Maritime provinces (sorry Newfoundland and Quebec) are registered to participate in the 2021 global City Nature Challenge. This is a 4-day event that will run from April 30th to May 3rd. In order to be successful, the local CNCs need people to come out and participate. This year a challenge has been issued to university students and hopefully their impact on the stats associated with this event will be measurable – if you are a student, please accept this challenge and join this iNat project today! Student CNC Challenge project:  https://inaturalist.ca/projects/cnc-2021-challenge-canadian-university-students.

A separate challenge is being set up as part of the ACCESS 2021 conference. This project will track all observations posted by all ACCESS members (not just students) during the 4-day CNC event. This project will display a leaderboard and show the standings of the various members over the CNC period. These stats will highlight the number of observations and the number of species. As a further participation incentive, the ACCESS executive will be giving a prize of field guide books to the student with the most species captured! The four books up for grab are displayed below.

The first step is to become a member of ACCESS. The next step is to register on iNat– this can be done by simply joining the following iNat project [ACCESS Biodiversity Championship 2021] here: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/access-biodiversity-championship-2021. The final step is to practice using iNat so that you are prepared to participate as soon as the event starts on April 30th. If any issues or questions please contact cnc2019hrm@gmail.com.

Lots of information is also posted on The City Nature Challenge – The Maritimes Facebook page.

The objective of this ACCESS challenge is to see which ACCESS member can share the most number of observations and/or the most number of different species during the 2021 CNC event. 

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