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CBC NS - Dalhousie researchers track right whales by mapping food sources

21 Jul 2018 8:13 AM | Anonymous

"Oceanographer Christopher Taggart and his team have been mapping areas of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where the whales are most likely follow their stomachs to food.

"We're trying to figure out what is driving the places where they go, and when they go there, and it's all to do with the oceanography and their food," Taggart said Friday at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, where Ottawa announced it would continue to fund his work.

"In 2016 that pattern became similar, in 2017 it was similar again, in 2018 it's very similar again," he said.

"So now there are abilities to reroute traffic, slow down traffic, change the fishing effort in certain locations — at certain times so to reduce the likelihood of vessel strikes and and reduce the likelihood of entanglement."'


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